Christian foundations in Indonesia face so many challenges. YASKI is not an exception. The huge need of ministry fund, the quality of ministry’s resources and keeping the hearts pure for every God’s minister involved in the foundation have become the struggles, where we need God’s grace in dealing with it so in every thing we do, it will please His heart.

Interesting insight about how we can please God’s heart was spoken by Stuart Patience at Matthew 11:25-26 Seminar, held by All Saints’ Anglican Church on Saturday May 20, 2017. Whatever done by a foundation or organization, as long as we turn our hearts to God, it will please His heart. As we fully depending on Him and seek after His face, then He will not abandon the people He has called. Moreover, “partnering with God” principle must be applied between foundations or organizations, which means neither party has higher positions or more important that the other because we all are God’s partners and we need to complete and strengthen one another.

May every foundation or organization who is called to support the work of God can keep their motivation and heart pure, according to His calling.