Hope from God Never Lost

Resmedi married with a non Christian woman in 1987. The marriage was not approved by their family, so they decided to elope. From a village, they went to the city for the new life together. At the beginning of marriage, all looks well and happy. Resmedi and his wife endowed three children. In 2006, this family had a big problem until his wife was left Resmedi and their childrens. Every effort, including going to the shaman, he did for found the beloved wife. He just count on his strength alone. He forgot that he had a big God, who can give him the way out. Until one day, his eldest son, Daniel, said to him, “Are you Christian right? So why should trust to the shaman?”

Resmedi stupefied when he heard his son said. Immediately he prayed, asking God to forgiveness for what he had done. He forgets how great the power of God is able to help him. At that moment, he coincidental heard a Heartline radio broadcast that was being listen by their children. Through the preaching, also the praise and worship that makes him feel rise from the despair. He pondered how the God’s love has been working in his life. Since then, he became a loyal listener of Heartline Radio 100.6 FM. Too many blessings to which him and the childrens received through Heartline Radio.

Resmedi reorganize his life together with his childrens. He worked as a taxi driver. Through his livelihood, he can send to school three children, even the eldest is entering the college. Until now, his wife not yet returned in to the family. But they believe that God will make everything beautiful in His time. Hope from God is never lost and never make us disappointed.