To Serve with Love

irmaI am a non christian. My parent is a non christian too. Four years ago, I suffered paralysis in both of my legs.  Doctors did not recommend surgery. I became very depressed and tried to commit suicide. But God had another plan for me. One day, I was introduced to 100.6 Heartline radio broadcasts by my neighbor, who is a loyal listener. She offered to introduce me to the radio team. A few days later, they came to visit me. Through sharing and prayer, I received a new power. And now, when I listen to Heartline radio broadcasts, I learn a lot of positive things that help me. I have learned to be courageous, no matter what my condition is. Thanks to God who sent Heartline radio team to me. Although there are differences in our religions, they serve me with love.

Irma, 27 years old, Tangerang