Surrender to God

Evi, Tangerang


“I am 47 years old and I am single. I live with sister and her family. I work at a fast food restaurant as a cashier for the last couple of years. I used to work in a company for a long time. Then my mom got stroke and needed an intensive care. So I quit my job and took care of her for 16 years. Since then I never thought of my own future because I focused on my mom.

One day a friend of mine at church, Aing, told me to listen to Heartline radio, especially Sharing and Prayer program. The counselor prayed for me and I was strengthened. I always pray for a life partner. I know I am no longer young but I still hope that God will give me a life partner to accompany me in my life.

I am the youngest of 8. My parents gave me an inheritance. Four of my oldest sibling got a house. But the problem is the oldest lives in that house now and we want to sell the house, and split the money to four people. My oldest sibling does not want to move out despite he already got another inheritance beside the house. This is a discomfort situation for between my four siblings. There are lots of misunderstanding and fights. Please pray for us, because I do not want any dispute in my family. May God intervene and give the best for our lives. Amen.”