God Gives Me Strength

Handika Kurnia, Tangerang


“I am so glad that I can visit Heartline Radio 100.6 FM, had a meeting with Heartline Counseling Clinic Team. The intention of my visit is to share with the team because I always listen to Sharing and Prayer program on Heartline Radio every night. Even though I never participate in the interaction, I listen to so many listeners who share about their struggle and asked to be prayed in this program. I feel like God moved me to come to this station, not only to pray for others but also to help them.

There are so many struggle faced by our brothers and sisters in Christ, such as illness. I really want to help one of the listeners who suffers fromhemorrhoids. It is not a coincidence that I know a good, specialist doctor. I want to take this listener to him. It has been the burden in my heart.

Seeing these struggles faced by so many listeners, it reminds me of my late wife who recently went home to be with the Lord. She suffered from kidney failure and I feel guilty because I did not treat her properly. It is a regret that I have to live with.

I go to GKI church in Karet, Tangerang, and I involve in the ministry of visiting sick people. At this old age, I want to dedicate my life for God.

I also have a struggle on my own and please pray with me for my children Irwan, 43, and Peri, 36. Please pray that God will give them life partner.

Thank you for listening to my sharing. God bless the ministry of Heartline Radio.”