Currently as we know, we are seeing the rapid development of media and an increase in the number of gadget users of all ages. To be able to continue sharing the gospel throughout Indonesian society, we in YASKI should use a variety of social media tools so we can stay relevant to the advancement of technology.

The morning talk show that we call “Coffee Morning”, was broadcast across our radio network in 8 cities.  Every Tuesday morning in 2016, we broadcast the program from outside our studio, recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube. Besides being closer to the listener and our resources, the program can be viewed repeatedly anytime, anywhere and shared through social media so that more people can benefit from the program.

Broadcasting the program in this way has significantly increased   the number of listeners, because if the listeners feel this program is good, they can share it via social media on their networks which is very helpful to us.

Terrestrial radio broadcasts are still the mainstay of the gospel in YASKI, especially for areas that do not have a good internet connection. However, we also need to make our programs sharable through streaming and social media.