Yayasan YASKI Vision Casting to The Ministers of God in Remote Areas

A small team fromYayasan YASKI went on amission tripto Bali on 22-29 July 2018. The purpose is to share some insights with the ministers of God that eventually improving their ministry. After attending this vision casting, we hope they can start living independently and no longer depending on anyone else.

The team led by Pdm. MelasariSadeli also made time to visitHeartline Bali in Tulikup village, Gianyar district, and some faithful listeners of Heartline Bali.

There are three concepts of ministry inculcated to each minister in this vision casting so that they will have an open mindset and therefore they will have a better life.

Those three concepts are:
1. Apostle Paul Concept: Apostle Paul worked as a tentmaker to support his ministry so that he did not have to depend on others. This concept is found in Acts 18:3 and Acts 20:33-35.
2. Ants Concept:Ants are diligent and unified animal. They always work together and store up their food all summer (Proverbs 30:25). Learning from ants, this concept teaches the congregation to collect some contributions regularly so they all can raise livestock/farming.
3. First Church Concept: the strong ones help the weaker. This concept teaches that when a minister is established, he has to help his congregation or other minister. Acts 2:41-47 and Acts 4:32-37.
Based on these three concepts, their insight becomes more open and they learn how to develop themselves, not only spiritually but also holistically, resulting in transformation in their lives.

We held this vision casting at YayasanMahanaim, inBaluk village 2, Negara sub-district, Jembrana regency, at PantekostaTabernakel churchinBuleleng sub-district, Singaraja regency, at STT Injili Indonesia at Raya Dalung Street No.16, BanjarUntal-untal, North Kuta Utara, Badung, at GPdI Bukit Zaitun churchinGianyar,and at GBI Betlehem churchatGatotSubroto Barat street No.459, Denpasar.

During this event, the team also distributed: 150 Old/New Testament Biblefrom LAI Jakarta, 100 New Testament Bible fromHillsong Bali, 100 Gideon New Testament Bible from a donor (Mr.Leo), 150 In Touch Messenger from Dr. Charles Stanley, 600 Booklet from Dr. Charles Stanley, 100 books from Rudi Lack, and 600 bookmarksfromBasileaSchlink.
Thank you for the support that comes from our donors whose heartare burdened for this social service.Let us continue to join hands, shoulder to shoulder in taking care of our brother and sisters in Christ who live with limited resources. Soli Deo Gloria….