(Aid Program For God’s Servant In Remote Area)


Bringing pastors, evangelists and Christians who live in rural areas or areas away from the hustle of city life congregation to build a more prosperous community holistically.


  1. Educate God Servant to grow in the spiritual, mental and intellectual.
  2. Establishing rural welfare / local into society have a good life goal.
  3. The God’s servants can educate their children as generations have a better future, so that poverty will be science, social and cultural rights do not master them.
  4. God’s Servants do not depend on other people in poverty, but can be independently with local deceptive means to build community in the countryside.


There are thousands of God’s servants who are pioneering and serving the church in rural and hinterland throughout Indonesia. Services in rural areas and the remote area are found limitations, ranging from limited geographical reach minimal means of transportation, lack of school educational facilities, public static conditions, the backwardness until the conditions of the lives of the God’s servants. With all the limitations of the support and the means are there, they have the desire to survive and serve the church in order to achieve a dream of the community allied to the Lord.

Based on these facts, Radio Ministry moved to help God’s servant in the remote area by increasing welfare, so that they become more prosperous holistically.


There are three concepts that always we instill to every God’s servant in the remote area so can open insights and mindset change them for review of Life for the better.

The three concepts are:

  1. The Apostle Paul Concept: tent business – Acts 18:3 and 20:33-35.
  2. Ant Concept: diligent and compact – Proverb 30:25.
  3. The concept of the Early Church: the strong help the weak.

Based on this concept, the God’s servant to become more open and understand how to develop themselves, not only in terms of the spiritual, but also overall/ holistic.