B Building something worth is a long-term effort. No success is gained instantly. So it is with our ministry development – built upon a stone of dream, slowly made happened by the power of the Creator.

Yayasan YASKI started its ministry on November 12, 1969 as it shared the Good News through a written Bible Course followed by the radio broadcast aired by an international transmitter in Bocaue (Manila) to all areas in Indonesia, as well as through local radios in Indonesian and ethnic languages.
The desire to have a Heartline Center begins in 1976. There were so many considerations. And when God set when the right time is, even though the waiting feels so long, His answer is the best.
We bought the land that we’ve been aiming for in 1999.
In 2001, the building is designed and the cornerstone is placed in the same year.
The build of the structure began in 2003 and was finished in 2005.
We went through those hard times by His grace alone. This is the kind of faith journey we have been walking in for more than 47 years. We have a faith that looks forward with one hope that God’s hand is never late to reach out to us.

We learn that our job has not done yet. After helping millions of people through our radio broadcast, now we want to bring a transformation to this beloved nation by having a training center to produce young skilled people in media.

That dream prompts the building project of Heartline Center Stage II.

The project starts in 2010 and targeted for completion in 2018. However, we have to admit that it does not go as we plan due to the lack of fund while the time is ticking fast.

Slowly but sure, we made a pledge to continue the work so that more of Indonesian people may experience God’s love and grace through the existence of Yayasan YASKI. We still need the prayer support as well as moral and material support from God’s people who have the heart for this Heartline Center Phase II.

May God pleased with the ministry of Yayasan YASKI. All glory to God alone!