Our History

On December 20, 1945, God inspired John Broger (a pilot), Robert Bowman (an announcer), and Reverend William J. Roberts (a priest), to start a radio ministry. These three persons had the vision to establish the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), an international radio station which had developed a number of branches in some countries of the world, among others Indonesia, where it was named YASKI.

The late Rev. Basil Costerisan, who represented the FEBC, invited the late Prof. Dr. J.E. Ismael, the late Rev. Dr. Ais Pormes, and Dr. Junus N. Atmarumeksa to found YASKI, or the Indonesian Christian Broadcasting Foundation on 12 November 1969.

Starting with a Bible correspondence course, YASKI had been doing ministries through radio broadcasts which were aired through short wave from the international radio transmitter in KFBS Saipan and Manila, now is being focused only on FEBC Manila since 1st May 2011 and on Iba at Guam since 30th October 2011. In the mean time, YASKI has produced radio programs in Indonesian.

At the present moment, YASKI owns five radio stations, i.e. Heartline Karawaci 100.6 FM, located in Lippo Karawaci, Heartline Samarinda 94.4 FM, Heartline Lampung 91.7 FM, and Heartline Bali 92.2 FM and Heartline Sangkakala 95.9 FM. YASKI has plans to build more FM and AM radio stations in Indonesia. The purpose of our radio ministry is spreading the Good News.