HPH as YASKI supportive department produces programs both secular and spiritual program that aired on FEBC International Radio Manila, Bocaue Philippines, and Heartline Network (Karawaci, Samarinda, Lampung, Bali, Berau) and 14 local radio stations in Indonesia.

HPH produced and improved many good quality radio programs which are become so popular and liked by Heartline FM listeners such as:

And, 5 Tribal Language Program: Javanese, Minangnese, Sasaknese, Sundanese, Buginese, and Makasarese

Up to now, HPH has already produced 10 programs::
  • Kunjungan Pendengar
  • Rumah Impian Anak
  • Bermimpi Satu Menit
  • Father Of Comfort

Are you a radio program script writer or a competent speaker in cultural, social, economical, educational or family aspect? Let’s join us, to produce educative programs, educating, inspiring and also entertaining so that could be an enjoyment to radio listeners.


Heartline Production House
Sasongko Adiyono
Phone: (021) 59494223 Ext. 311
Fax: (021) 59494228
Email: program_hph@yaski.co.id